Decorate and personalize your favourite piece of jewelry or art with a meaningful Hebrew inscription.

We are offering our high quality translations and designs for engravings and embossments. Complement your Hebrew tattoo with a beautiful Hebrew inscription on a ring or pendant! Use our designs of Hebrew inscriptions to decorate rings, lockets, pendants, wooden or metal craft pieces, and more!

A quick search online reveals that the rate for jewlery with a Hebrew inscription is very high, and you are limited to the selection of jewelry the store carries. Now, with our new service, you can get the translation and design you want, and engrave it or emboss it on whatever you like. For a limited time, each Hebrew inscription order entitles you to a bonus – 3 unique designs of common Hebrew sayings at no extra cost, for use on craft pieces, jewelry, clothing or whatever else you like!

Each design comes in 2 different sizes:

small– for jewelery and small craft pieces large – for signs, clothes and large craft pieces

How does it work?

Simply choose the number of words and type in the English word or phrase that you would like us to translate and design. We will reply with our design catalogue, from which you’ll be able to choose 3 fonts and designs (9 different options!), along with an explanation of the different options you have for your translation. Your Hebrew inscription order will be ready within 24-48 hours.

Number of Words
Phrase to Translate: