There are many options for getting a Hebrew tattoo and this quick review of the available Hebrew writing tattoo designs can help you determine what kind of design you prefer.

The simplest Hebrew writing tattoos are those that appear in a straight line and a simple font, like the following:

Many times, these designs are the product of a machine translation, and contain errors.
The next level of Hebrew tattoo designs still includes the simple line of text, but the font is more original. Examples of such designs would be:

Some people choose to go with a non-traditional-looking font. While there are no real defined categories of “classic Hebrew fonts” or “original Hebrew fonts”, there are certain fonts whose design is a bit eccentric. Examples of these are:

There are two types of Hebrew scripts, one which is used for most typed Hebrew and another which is used for handwritten Hebrew. It is somewhat like the difference between block English letters and cursive English writing, but Hebrew “block” letters are very rarely written by hand, while “cursive” Hebrew fonts can have an informal and quirkier look. For Example:

Hebrew writing tattoos can come with or without nikkud, which are dots and dashes around the letters themselves. In most cases, the decision of whether to add nikkud to the tattoo is made by future tattoo owner: Both with and without nikkud version are correct and can be easily understood.

There are also shape designs of Hebrew tattoos. These are more complex and not very popular, but very original. Here, there is truly no limit to what you can get. The 3 main options are:
1 – Designs that include the Hebrew tattoo, such as initials, surrounded by or otherwise designed within an abstract or pictorial shape design.

2 – Designs where the Hebrew writing itself is not arranged in a straight line, but is instead curved or angled to form a shape such as an arc:

Add to this a unique font design and you can come up with endless Hebrew tattoo designs for the exact same phrase.

3 – Last, and probably the least popular, is the genuinely hand written Hebrew tattoo. An example of which is:

Such designs can have a very “organic” feel to them, but since in Hebrew, as in any other written language, different people have different penmanship, legibility can be an issue here. Therefore, if you are getting a hand written tattoo, make sure that it can be easily read by most Hebrew readers, by asking a few different people first.

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