The Hebrew tattoo trend has been gaining popularity in recent years, and phrases that were once popular have now been replaced by others.

So what were 2012’s Hebrew Tattoo trends?

1. Names – words such as “faith”, “freedom” and “love” were once very popular.
Today, it seems that people choose to tattoo the names of loved ones much more commonly, with the most popular choice being the first name only.

2. Declarations of Love – While in the past, a majority of lovers chose variations of the popular Bible verses “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me” and “I have found the one whom my soul desires”, today there are more Hebrew tattoos that contain original personalized love declarations, as well as known quotations from poetry and philosophy.

3. Bible Verses – While there are a small number of verses that were extremely popular in the past, 2012’s Hebrew Bible verse tattoos are characterized by the choice of more unusual, lesser-known verses, and specifically parts of verses.
Those who are looking for a minimalistic tattoo, often opt for the reference (book, chapter and verse number), instead of actually translating and tattooing the verse itself.

So what hot Hebrew tattoo trends can we expect to see in the future?
More often than not – customized tattoos.

Unique personal sayings, quotes and designs that are meaningful to the individual, and are unlikely to be seen anywhere else.
Those who go for a more traditional translation, will often choose to complement it with a creative visual design that can either be incorporated into the translation or placed beside it.

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