Stumbling upon a tattoo in a foreign language can be a very intriguing experience.

If you’ve ever wondered what someone has written on his or her body, but didn’t ask, here you’ll find a list of 6 different Hebrew tattoo meanings, along with the photographs of the actual tattoos.

1. I can do all things through him – This is a variation of the phrase “I can do all things through Christ” which appears in Philippians 4:13.

2. Hephzibah – This is a Biblical Hebrew name, which also literally means “I want/desire her”.

3. Strength – A simple, one-word tattoo that is made even shorter due to the use of nikkud – those dots that you can notice around the letters. Without nikkud, this tattoo would have 4 letters, rather than only 3, as in the picture.

4. Love is life – Straight and to the point, this tattoo, although using nikkud, would consist of the same letters even if nikkud was not applied here.

5. This tattoo reads the word “Binyamin” which is the Hebrew Biblical origin of the common name “Benjamin”.

When choosing to tattoo a name in Hebrew, you should be aware that only a professional translator can explain the differences between writing the name as you pronounce it and using the Hebrew origin. There can certainly be different Hebrew tattoo meanings – depending on the option that you choose.

6. He has risen – This tattoo also means “resurrected”, and is a beautiful example of a Hebrew tattoo combined with a Christian symbol. While there is a genuine question whether there is such a thing as a “Christian Hebrew tattoo”, this tattoo, if such a category exists, would definitely be included.

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