david beckham hebrew tattooThe popular trend of Hebrew tattoos owes a lot of its momentum to the Beckhams.

David and Victoria’s Hebrew tattoo of the Bible verse “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me who shepherds among the lilies” is a sign of devotion that many couples since have chosen to express and symbolize their love, making it a very common Hebrew tattoo.

And so, while many people are asking for the famous “David Beckham Hebrew Tattoo”, not many know all there is to know about this particular Hebrew tattoo.

Some interesting facts about the Beckhams’ tattoos:

1. Nikkud – The Beckhams’ tattoos include nikkud, which is series of little dots and dashes around the letters.
Nikkud is not commonly used by Modern Hebrew speakers in their writing, since they can normally read and understand the meaning of words without it.

However, Bible verses often have nikkud, which makes them easier to read. In this sense, the Beckhams’ design can be considered traditional.

2. Font – While there is no such a thing as a single “classic” or “original” Hebrew font, the Beckhams chose a very clean and traditional-looking design of the square Hebrew script.

In Hebrew, there is no distinction between capital and small letters, but there is a version of the letters which is used in handwriting, as well as a second “square” version which is used in print, including books and digital text processed by computers.

Fact – Most Hebrew tattoos are designed in the square script, while handwritten-style tattoos are usually more common for names and one-word tattoos such as “love” or “faith”.

victoria beckham hebrew tattoo3. Male/Female – In Hebrew, there is a difference between the male and female form of many grammatical structures (nouns, verbs, etc.), and so – while David and Victoria have identical tattoos – some would suggest that matching tattoos would be a better choice.

Why? – While Victoria’s tattoo refers to a male beloved, as does the original Bible verse, making it appropriate for her, David’s tattoo is the same, also referring to a male beloved.

While the version in which the speaker refers to a female beloved is not the origin of the phrase, many would prefer to have the more semantically correct tattoo, rather than the original.

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