Every month, new images of Hebrew tattoos that contain mistakes are being posted online. There are many ways to go wrong when you are getting a machine translation, or even if you take the advice of a Hebrew speaker who isn’t a professional translator.

Here are a few examples of bad Hebrew tattoos:

The exact meaning of this Hebrew tattoo is: “I have found one of them I will love my soul”. Some might understand it as “I have found one of them loving my soul”.
It does not contain any spelling errors, but it doesn’t convey any clear meaning either.

The exact meaning of this Hebrew tattoo is: “Appreciate the life”
This tattoo belongs to a woman, but it refers to a male. That is a good example of how only professional translators know the right questions to ask in order to make sure a Hebrew tattoo fits the person who will be wearing it.

There is no exact Hebrew meaning for this phrase
. It is completely meaningless. The letters are flipped – if you read it from the end to the beginning, you can understand what the meaning was supposed to be, which is “My hope is you all day long”, and the speaker is addressing a female.
This bad Hebrew tattoo is a result of using a computer that does not support Hebrew.

The exact meaning of this Hebrew tattoo is: “I am to my beloved and Dilly”.
Adding only 3 more Hebrew letters in between the “Di” and “lly” (followed by a space) would have made this phrase the classic Hebrew tattoo “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me”. Another problem with that specific tattoo was the unclear font. While there are many legible fonts that are ornate or artistic, there are many blurry Hebrew tattoos as a result of mixing unprofessional tattoo artists and unclear Hebrew tattoo design layouts.

This is another example of a meaningless Hebrew tattoo
. It is easy to understand what the tattoo owner wanted, since the flipped letters will read “World”, but unfortunately, unless he wanted to have “dlrow” in Hebrew, he got it wrong.

The exact meaning of this Hebrew tattoo is: “When I am god everyone is dead”.
If it sounds to you like the person saying such a phrase does not know English very well, then the effect is exactly the same in Hebrew. This looks like the unfortunate result of a machine translation.

The exact meaning of this Hebrew tattoo (which is actually tattooed vertically) is: “strengthlovecourage”. If you are designing your own vertical Hebrew tattoo, make sure to add the appropriate spaces between the words.

The above selection of bad Hebrew tattoos is only a small set of the huge number of incorrect Hebrew tattoos that people out there have.

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