Let’s face it – with its exotic look, its ancient mystique and religious significance, the Hebrew language has become the newest hottest thing in skin art. Celebrities like Madonna and David Beckham have chosen to adorn their bodies with a meaningful Hebrew tattoo, and tattoo-lovers everywhere are following suit, ang getting their own Hebrew tattoo.

When deciding what Hebrew inscription will be best suited for your Tattoo, consider the following things:

  • The majority of translators, even native Hebrew speakers, are not familiar with some or all of the essentials to getting your Hebrew tattoo right.
  • Nikkud, the lines and dotes that are designed to give unambiguous pronunciation to the word writtens, is widespread among those who have a Hebrew tattoo. However, it is not a part of everyday life. Newspapers and the majority of books don’t use nikkud and all daily written communication between Hebrew native speakers doesn’t include nikkud. Therefore, when choosing a translator for your Hebrew tattoo, choosing one that is familiar with the nikkud method and rules is essential – in order to get it right.
  • Another important thing about a Hebrew tattoo inscription to consider is that secular Hebrew native speakers are usually not familiar with both English and Hebrew bible verses, and many Hebrew tattoos inscription with beautiful meaning in the English language get “lost in translation”, when the translator is unfamiliar with the origin of the translated word or phrase. It is important to make sure that the inscription for your Hebrew tattoo is not only translated into Hebrew but also crossed checked and verified, using the Hebrew original verse or phrase.

We want you to have the best Hebrew tattoo, which includes capturing the meaning intended, the correct way to say it in Hebrew and the correct way to write it, with or without nikkud.

To understand the correct meaning of names, phrases and bible verses, it takes a Hebrew scholar that is immersed in Hebrew and English language, bible and grammatical rules of both languages.

When it comes to a translation and design of a Hebrew Tattoo, the best possible service, we believe, is both accurate and fast. We are native Hebrew speakers, our experts are scholars in the fields of English language, grammatical Hebrew, bible studies and Hebrew’s language legacy, all of this to make sure that the entire process will be done correctly and without mistakes that will last a lifetime.

In order to provide this service, we offer free consultation, to help you choose the best word, phrase or verse suited to your needs and wishes, so you’ll be sure you are understood and getting exactly what you want for your Hebrew tattoo, before making an order.

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